Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Social Studies Notebooking Vocabulary

Every one of my notebooking units begins with vocabulary.  I include the lists of words in a definition mini-book, as well as on cards that can be used in a memory match game.  I first have my students write down the definitions of the words in their booklets, then I have them cut out the cards.  These cards can be stored in the included pocket, or in an envelope glued to the cover of the notebook.  I like for my students to keep their cards in the pocket, as they'll have many sets of vocabulary cards as the year goes on.

I DO NOT have my students cut directly on the lines when cutting apart their cards.  This would take a REALLLLLLLY long time!  I have them cut in the white space between each card.  
I show my students a quick way to cut their cards: First, cut into strips...
....then stack strips and cut into squares. 
After my students fill out their definition book, I have them partner up and play the memory match game.  Matching definition and word cards have the same icon in the bottom right hand corner.  It helps students match the words/definitions when they first play, and I find many of them use it to define words throughout the unit ("Oh, that's the triangle word...").

When everyone is finished filling out booklets, we'll play a few rounds of vocabulary Bingo.  Bingo cards are also included, but markers are not.  I have my students cut out several squares of paper, which they keep in their envelope.  I print out a copy of the words/definitions for myself to use as the calling card.  I'll choose a word/definition, read it out loud, and students find it on their personally filled-in card.  They LOVE playing this game, and usually beg for more!  We'll play it several times throughout the unit, as well, and any time we have a few extra minutes.  It really does help them remember the words!

Vocab Bingo is one of the favorite activities of each unit!  
All of my units include similar vocabulary activities.  These units, Geography, Native Americans, Explorers, Colonial America, and Revolutionary War, are available in my TPT store!


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