Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Unit in the Works!

For the first time all summer, I've actually had a few days in a row at home!  Since June 4th, I've been to my Grandma's in rural Missouri, a road trip to Orlando for 10 days, Wichita to see my nieces play softball and t-ball (which was canceled because of rain), brought my nieces home for 4 days, went to a zoo, and went back to Grandma's farm for 4 days over the 4th of July. I've been busy, but I love it.  It's why I will never teach summer school!  And it's really not slowing down between now and August 11th (my first back-to-school meeting).  I still have another trip to Wichita to watch a softball game and the Lion King play (leaving today!), a long weekend with my cousins and aunt on my dad's side, and an annual camping trip with friends for 5-6 days. Throw in my birthday trip to the state fair (first time ever going because we're starting school later this year!), and summer will be gone. :-(

I have managed to work in a little time to begin a new Social Studies notebooking unit covering Geography.  I'm really excited about this unit!  I always start Social Studies out with a study of geography, but I had no materials for it.  I made a few small items for their notebooks, and that was it.  I've worked really hard on building this unit, and even though it's been the toughest one for me so far, I've enjoyed it and learned a lot myself!

I think this unit is going to be massive.  It's already 55 pages long, and I still have one more theme of geography to complete, as well as the end of unit activities!

Here's a sneak peek at the unit so far:

Now, if I can keep myself from becoming distracted (Again! Although, the turtle coconut cookies I made this morning are awesome!), I can probably have this unit finished by the weekend!


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