Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Classroom Library Under Construction!

Before school was out, I had this fantastic idea to bring all of my classroom library books home over the summer so I could sort them out and get them all organized.  After loading up several tubs and boxes with books, making many, many trips with the school's shopping cart to my car and back, and telling coworkers that no, I am not moving classrooms or schools over the summer, I finally got every book out of my classroom. Then, I had the joy of unloading all of these books from my car to my sewing shopping cart around this time.  

I wish I had taken a picture before I started working on this project.  There were stacks of books EVERYWHERE.  It was chaotic.  It was a mess.  It was a challenge!

Yes, this looks better than when I originally started sorting all these books!
I've worked a little bit each day, and it's starting to look pretty good.  First I sorted all of my chapter books into genres: Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction, Informational, Biography/Autobiography, Fantasy, Mythology, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novels, Poetry, Historical Diaries, and Choose Your Own Adventure.  I'm planning on initiating the 40 Book Challenge next year, so I wanted the challenge genres to be easily identified, so I put a little sticker with the genre code on the upper-right corner of each book.  

After sorting genres, I started to break down the books by theme/topic/author.  I put another little sticker with the theme/topic/author written on it in the bottom-left corner of the cover.  This way, my trained classroom librarians can easily return books. 

Some of the theme/topic/author tubs: Ghosts, Pirates, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Civil War, Gary Paulsen, and Dear America.
These little stickers are great!  I put them on some of my books three years ago, and they're still on there, but easy to remove.  So, they hold up, but don't leave a sticky residue!
I still haven't tackled any of my picture books, but once I get the chapter books done, hopefully these will go pretty quickly.  

I'm excited to have a nicely organized library for once, and hopefully, with these detailed stickers, the students I train to be librarians can put them away correctly!