Monday, March 3, 2014

MobyMax Rocks!

One day, I stumbled upon MobyMax, the best site I've ever found for my students! It's easy to use and has a great free trial for new users.  Warning: You will want to pay the $79 for the license when the free trial is over! 
A snapshot of my dashboard on MobyMax.  You can select which subjects and activities you want your students to see on their dashboards. 

MobyMax offers individualized work aligned to the Common Core for students in Math, Language, Reading, Vocabulary, and Test Prep.  It also has a math fact drill for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Students can earn game time by completing so many minutes of work.  I love this feature, because you know that they are not just playing games the whole time!

A snapshot of progress in Fact Master

You can motivate students to work by creating a contest for them through the site.  Students can earn points in the contest by working in math, language, and reading.  To ramp this up a bit, I ordered some cheap, personalized trophies with my BoxTop money.  I have trophies for Most Time on Reading, Most Time on Vocabulary, Most Time on Language, Most Time in Test Prep, Most Time Spent on MobyMax at Home, Girl with Most Points, Boy with Most Points, and Most Time on MobyMax.  Each week, I check their time and points, then write the winners's names on charts I have displayed above my whiteboard.  The winners then get to keep the traveling trophy on their desk for the next week.  They love this, and it's really motivating them to work! (I didn't order trophies for math, since I don't teach it, and I really want my students to work on their ELA skills!)
I've set up a semester contest, a quarter 3 contest, and weekly contests.
Students earn badges by completing questions.  1 badge for every 50 questions answered correctly!
Unfortunately, our daily schedule has been off the last 3 weeks due to a DARE project we have to complete.  Students have to write, direct, film, act, and edit a movie through iMovie on their computers.  This project always demands SO MUCH TIME, but the students love it, and in the end, it's worth it.  We've been spending our recess time (since it's been indoor recess because of the weather) and our RTI time on these projects, and we are FINALLY almost finished.  Because of these projects, our RTI time, when students would normally be working on MobyMax, has disappeared.  Hopefully our times and stats will increase again this week, since our projects are about finished!

Back to gushing about MobyMax...I love how each lesson is set to each student's individual needs.  Most of the curriculum areas have them start with a placement test to determine where they should start working.  I noticed that one of my very top students placed in the .4 grade level area on the language test, and I was able to reset his placement test after I talked to him about effort.  You'll know when the kids blew off the test and when they really worked.  

I also like the graphs and charts that are provided for each subject and for each student.  I've shown my students their graphs, or lack there of due to such little work time recently, and it's motivated them to work harder.  

My favorite part of MobyMax is the language and language test prep.   We don't have a lot of time during the day to spend on grammar, and this is filling in the gaps quite well.  I asked MobyMax a question the other about their reading program, and was pleased to have them respond very quickly through Facebook.  Right now, the reading program is just stories and questions, and this is the least liked area by my students.  Soon, MobyMax will be adding lessons that will focus on teaching/reinforcing CCSS.

A snapshot of progress in Language Test Prep.  Not too bad, since there are so many things to choose from, and with our messed up schedule the last few weeks!
I love MobyMax because it combines many of the websites we've been using in class.  It has a messenger (where you can send messages to students, and they can only send messages back to you), a place to post announcements, discussions, and assignments, and vibes (which you can distribute based on behavior and work).  It's all I'm planning on using next year, which also means ONE password and username for students to remember!
You can create your own vibes, or choose from a list of pre-made vibes.  You can also type a note telling how students earned their vibe, or what they need to work on.  I've just been giving these out for work, not behavior, but I might add that next year!


***Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review!  This is just a teacher wanting to share a great resource with other teachers!


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