Monday, July 29, 2013

What Happened to July?!?!

Holy smokes!  It's July 29th and I am about 10% prepared for school to start!  YIKES!  We've had construction begin at school, and we're getting carpet installed in the classrooms, so we can't go in to work until the carpet's in...and school starts on August 15!  Uh-oh...and on top of the craziness happening at school, I decided that summer would be a great, less-stressful time to move...until that move-in date got pushed back until LAST FRIDAY.  So, I've been spending all of my time, and my money, moving in, painting, cleaning, etc.  No money left for school items and decor!  Good thing I'd bought some things earlier in the summer!

My theme this year is pirates.  And there's not a whole lot of pirate decor out there for classrooms.  I've made a wreath for my door, but came home to find it had exploded.  The duct tape had come loose and the ends of the fun noodle popped apart.  Talk about frustrating!  Now, I have to repair that, too!

As mentioned earlier, I'd consider myself about 10% ready for school to start.  HOWEVER, that 10% breaks down to mostly...pinning ideas on Pinterest.  I have some MAJOR work to do!  I hate this unprepared feeling!