Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Schedule...Again!

Well, we're on our 3rd or 4th schedule this year...yep.  We had one schedule that had to change due to times that our special ed and resource room teachers had plan times.  We started Read 180 3 or 4 weeks in to the school year, so had to rearrange the day again.  And just last week, we had System 44 begin, and yes, another new schedule.  Our poor kids!  The poor teachers!  It's ridiculous!  We'll get our schedule down and be going along pretty well when we find out it's time to switch it up again!  But, the good thing is that this is the best schedule yet, and we are all REALLY happy with it.  It's all chopped up, but it's much better than the other schedules we've had this year!

7:35-7:55: Arrival, Morning Routine, Journal
7:55-8:00: School-wide Rise and Shine
8:00-8:40: Writing
8:40-9:30: Specials
9:30-10:30: Math #1 OR Science/Social Studies #1 (Read 180 kids leave)
10:30-11:00: RTI
11:00-11:40: Reading Instruction (sort of like a mini-Reading Workshop) (Read 180 kids back)
11:40-12:20: Lunch/Recess
12:20-1:20: Math #2 OR Science/Social Studies #2
1:20-1:40: Free Choice Reading
1:40-2:00: Recess
2:00-2:35: Shared Reading
2:35-2:45: Pack-up/Dismissal

I really, really like having reading chopped up.  It keeps the kids engaged so much better.

During Reading Instruction, I spend the 1st 10 minutes on a mini-lesson, then send the kids to their books to look for examples of the lesson (cause and effect, character traits, predictions, etc.).  We spend the last 10 minutes reviewing what the kids found in their books and compiling them into a list/chart.

My kids love Free Choice Reading and beg for more time to read their books.  I absolutely LOVE this!  I love guiding my kids to books and I love when they start to laugh about or get mad at something they read. 

During our Shared Reading, I play an audiobook and everyone follows along in a paper copy of the book.  We've already read Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar (kids still talk about the characters!) and we're working our way through Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  I think I'll be the coolest teacher ever because of reading Hatchet with them!  They love it and can't stop talking about it! 

I use a Read Aloud Log daily during our Shared Reading.  My students follow along in a book as I read aloud or as an audiobook plays.  I'll stop reading at different points to discuss what is going on or to predict what will happen next.  At the end the of the Shared Reading time, my students stop and fill our one of these boxes per day.  Each day focuses on a different reading strategy, like making predictions, making connections, describing setting or characters, etc.

There are several different reading strategies I listed on the response pages.  We'll take a few minutes to discuss the responses and I make a list of them on SmartNotebook.  I have a different SmartNotebook page for each reading strategy listed.  We'll look back at previous days and mark off incorrect predictions, discuss the answers to questions, and so on.

Students keep all of these pages in a folder and then turn it in once a week to be checked.  I don't really check for correct or incorrect answers, I mainly check for completion and effort. 

It really keeps the kids accountable AND talking about the book!

My Read Aloud Response Sheet is available for FREE on TeachersPayTeachers.


  1. What!? 4 schedules! You are making me glad that the only schedule change I had was switching the order of my specials. Hopefully this one will stick!