Friday, September 7, 2012

Water Cycle Collages

We've started a "Missing Work Center" on Friday afternoons.  My co-worker takes every kid with missing work and has them work on it.  If they finish, they can read a book until Fun Friday is over.  While the kids with missing work are in the center, I get to hold Fun Friday activities with all the others!  I'm excited for this and I think it will help motivate the kids with perpetual missing work get their work done on time.

On Fun Fridays, we can do just about anything fun, as long as it ties in with curriculum we're teaching that week.  Today, we did Water Cycle Collages.  As I was explaining this, a couple of the kids groaned, and asked if there was another option.  I told them nope, and kept on explaining.  What made this activity really fun was that they could not use any writing utensils on their posters.  That meant no markers, pencils, crayons, pens, color pencils, etc!  I had gone through my house picking up scraps of fabric and tissue paper, and then scrounged around my classroom for other craft items- construction paper, buttons, foam stickers, string, ribbons, and cotton balls.  They loved this time to express their creativity, and they loved using all these craft supplies and making a big mess!

The results were great, and we had some fabulous posters created!  I did let them use a writing utensil to label the parts of the Water Cycle, but that was it!


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