Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day Back!

Today was our first day back to school!  It went AMAZINGLY well, and all of 5th grade got tons of compliments for line procedures and hallway procedures!  Our school has really pushed the school-wide procedure this year, and as of Day 1, it has already paid off!

The first day of school is my LEAST favorite day of the year.  It's always so boring, and my throat always hurts from all the talking.  Procedures, procedures, procedures...all day a few ice breaker games thrown in.  Luckily, our day is really chopped up with specials, RTI, lunch, and recesses.  So we only have one long chunk of time to fill, and our counselor is coming in this week to work on a project with the kids. Awesome!

We spent most of our morning working on morning routine.  I introduced the morning routine, then we practiced it step by step, adding the next step, and then starting over to add the next step.  They thought it was hilarious to repack their backpack and go back into the hall over and over.  But, I think they have it down and will do a great job tomorrow.  I also had my class log in to edmodo, something new I'm trying this year.  We're using edmodo for communication and for morning work/daily question.  They all successfully logged in and got morning work completed! My principal was so amazed!

Games and ice breakers were the best part of the day.  Lots of talking, smiling, and laughing go on!  We played "Would You Rather..." (school appropriate ones!), People Bingo (I think everyone's played this game at some point in their lives...), and "Teeth, Teeth."  This was a super silly, funny game that my kids loved.  The premise of the game is to introduce names.  I started the game by saying my name twice.  Then it passed on to the person on my right.  He repeated my name twice and then added his name.  The third person said my name, 2nd person's name, and then added her own name, and so on and so on.  The trick, and the silly part, was that you couldn't let your teeth show when you said the names!  You had to look like an old man who lost his dentures!  Kids LOVED this!  If the speaker showed their teeth when speaking or smiling, the others called out "Teeth, Teeth" (sounded like "Teef, teef!) and we started all over again!  We did eventually make it all around the circle, after many, many, many tries, but I think everyone knows everyone's name now!


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