Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making Webquests

I LOVE using webquests in the classroom, and I'm lucky to be in a district that has valued technology for years (the first SmartBoard I ever used was when I was in 5th grade in the late 90s!).  I teach in an eMINTS-esque classroom, but my district has created it's own eMINTS-esque program, so I won't be eMINTS certified when I graduate my current program.

Anyway, one of our projects was to create a webquest that could be used for the next school year.  I created one about animal classifications and characteristics to enhance my "create-a-zoo" project that I've mentioned earlier on this blog.

You can find the Classification Zoos webquest by clicking on the name.  This webquest has students distinguish between vertebrates and invertebrates, classify animals by their characteristics, research area zoos, create a budget, and develop and design a zoo. I've still got a few things to add to this webquest, but all of the info should be on there.  I'm still working on the rubric.

I really love making these webquests.  There is so many amazing resources available online and it's a great way to bring them into the classroom.  I've also started working on a Pioneers webquest and a What's Your Name? webquest.

The name webquest is what I'm going to start the year out with in social studies.  Students will research their names, interview someone about the importance of their name, write an acrostic poem that doubles as a biography, create a personal trading card, and make a name glyph.  I just started working on this one yesterday, but it has a pretty good start.

I borrow a lot of ideas from Zunal, which is my webquest mecca.  However, most of those webquests are made for a specific classroom, which is why I use what I like and tweak it to make my own webquest.  The webquests I create are general, they rarely mention specific programs, things in the classroom, or prerequisites.  I want them to be available for anyone to use!

What's your favorite webquest you've used, are planning to use, or would like to use?


  1. Hi Sally! I just stumbled across your blog and LOVE it! I always wondered how to make a webquest and your information has been very helpful. I recently interviewed for a 5th grade position which is why I've been blog stalking upper grades. I've only taught K-2, but may be entering unchartered waters of the 5th grade. I'm now following you. I have a blog too geared currently for K-2 teachers, but may be switching gears to 5th grade. Check it out and become a follower at: Thanks again! :-)