Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's the End of the Year as We Know it...

And I feel fine!

Our last day of school is FRIDAY!  All my teacher friends are already tearing up about losing their class, but not me.  I've never been one to get emotional about promoting my kids!  It's what they're supposed to do.  It's our goal.  I'm glad to see them move on...and not in a bad way!

At our last eTECH meeting, we talked about ways to use technology during the last week of school.  One suggestion was to use Wordle.net.  Ideas were tossed around, and there were some great thoughts!  I'm planning on using Wordle with each kid.  We'll set up a carousel with the computers.  Everyone will have a Wordle open and will type in their name 6-7 times.  Then we'll all go around the room leaving a positive word or phrase about each person in the room.  *Hint*  to connect multi-word phrases on Wordle, use a ~ mark instead of a space.  After we've finished, everyone will play with the fonts, colors, and layouts until they get the perfect Wordle.  We'll then print these out and send them home.  It'll be a great way to end the year!

Another idea was to have kids type into one Wordle.  You'd start by typing your grade level (5th Grade) over and over.  Then kids would type in their favorite things about the year.  We could print those out and send home, too.  And, you could use it as an introduction to the next year.  Next year's kids could look at the Wordle from last year and then make a NEW Wordle about what they want to learn in 5th grade.  If you did another Wordle at the end, it would be neat to compare the want to learns with the favorites.

Anyways, I created a Wordle based on this blog.  I was kind of surprised to see what came up as the most popular words typed!  Here you go:


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