Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Warning--- Tears Will Flow

I received a mass email message sent out by Charles Best, founder of DonorsChoose. The title was simple, "Remembering three girls." I clicked and read the story of Matthew Badger, who lost his three daughters on Christmas day to a house fire. His girls, Lily (9), Sarah (7), and Grace (7) were killed, along with their maternal grandparents, when a fire broke out in the grandparents' house early Christmas morning. How awful. How truly awful.  You can read more about their story in the New York Times here.  

Matthew Badger has created a fund to support art education and integration in America. His fund, Lily Sarah Grace Fund, has a giving page set up on DonorsChoose. As of this writing, $2,165 have been donated. I know we are all teachers, and we all face tight budgets, but even $10 would make a difference to a classroom in need, and it would honor the memories of these three beautiful little girls.  Click on the picture below to choose a classroom to donate to.  As a bonus, there are several matching codes available.  You can double your donation by using any of the following codes:  CHASE, UPVOTE, FINSLIPPY, BREADPIG, or SHOUT.

This is the project I donated to. I recognized several of my friends' projects on the giving page, but I decided to pick a project from a teacher who had never before been funded. Express Yourself!!

Matthew Badger has created a video for each of his daughters. They are wonderful and truly capture the essence of each girl. I encourage you to watch them, but have a box of tissues nearby. You will need them. Here is Lily's video. The other videos are available on the giving page.


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