Monday, April 9, 2012


Wow, the last 2 weeks have been a blur of test-prep...not my ideal way to do things, but I put my own spin on it, and tried to make it enjoyable for the kids.  I definitely didn't want to make them do worksheet after worksheet and practice test after practice we created some Glogs, a figurative language comic book, and learned some annoying songs about science.

I told my kids today that they have been working for 8 months to prepare for the test, and I can really see some improvement, and I know that they will all try their best!  I could see that it relieved some stress, just by me telling them that I know they can do well.  My class is a group that doesn't get a lot of encouragement or support-- from other teachers or from family.  They need a little support sometimes!

For the record, I LOVE Glogster.  You can register for lots of separate accounts at, or you can pay to have all your accounts linked.  I paid for mine, and it's great.  I can see what everyone is working on, what they have completed, and comments their posting on each other's Glogs.  (If you've never heard of Glogster, it's a site that lets you make posters.  We've made Branches of Government Glogs, animal classification Glogs, and Water Cycle Glogs)  Check it out, your upper elementary kids will love it (I have several who create Glogs during free choice time and even at home!)


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