Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thank You, Donors!

I'm so excited to write that I've had 2 DonorsChoose projects funded!  That makes the total 17 since September.  Holy cow, that's amazing!  Our district has had several match offers this year because of everything that's happened here, so that's how I've gotten so many funded.

One I had funded was "Books, Books, and MORE Books on CD!"  It consists of 13 stories on CD and 4 copies of each book.  I've had a listening station in my room this year, and my 5th graders have LOVED it!  While they listen, they have to fill out a reading log about the story.  They have to talk about characters, events that happened, favorite parts of the book, connections they make, and questions they have.  Using this chart holds them much more accountable for what they are listening to.  I started out without this reading log, and kids would say they were done with a book in 3 or 4 days...I think they would put in a new disc every day.  Yeah...we had to have some lessons on how to work a CD player...crazy.  This project was funded through OO.com, which has had a voting contest going since December.  Teachers have gone crazy voting for technology projects!  This is my second OO project to fund, but some teachers have had 19 or 20.

The other project I had funded was "A Very Vivacious Vocabulary."  This was for a huge variety of vocabulary games and materials.  I also asked for some vocabulary journals, which are awesome!  I saw these in use in a classroom I had to observe earlier this year.  I want to start incorporating a vocabulary station into our daily reading schedule.  Now I have all the materials I need!


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