Thursday, March 29, 2012

Test Prep

This week has been full of "super fun" test prep...yeehaw.  It's mandated by our district, but shouldn't we be prepping our kids all year long?

I've tried to make it as enjoyable for the kids as possible.  I've found some videos from youtube and some fun activities online.

I'll just list all of the links I've found:

MAP Math Review- 5th Grade
Math Maven's Mysteries- logic and word problems
Mr. Nussbaum's Probability Fair- I love Mr. Nussbaum's site!  I use it for almost every subject!
Johnnie's Math Page- probability spinners, dice, cards, games
Mr. Anker's Ordered Pairs Test- graphing coordinates
River Riding- ordered pair mystery picture via connect-the-dots
Line Plots- worksheet, not super exciting, but is an awesome site, sadly, you have to pay for most of it, but it's one site that's worth it.  Great for substitute activities.
Adding Fractions- good review of adding fractions with unlike denominators

Author's Purpose- Hoops Shoot game
Author's Purpose Review Quiz
Text Features- Fling the Teacher game
Grammar Blast- reviews and quizzes
Grammar Practice Park- games

Similes and Metaphors in Pop Songs


Moon Phases Song- to the tune of "Forget You" by Ceelo Green

I converted all the youtube videos through, so there aren't any other videos suggested and no comments!  It's a great way to use youtube videos safely in the classroom.

I would love to know what test prep you use!  Worksheets, sites, or videos would be great.  We have practice test books that we have been using, too.


  1. I love all of the math websites! Thanks so much for taking the time to post those. Review can be so mundane and I agree, we should be prepping them all year! I didn't know about, that's so great to know about. I hate that I can't access you tube through school so hopefully Zamzar will work. Thanks Sally!

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