Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ready for a Challenge!?

I've decided to take the Clutter-Free Classroom Challenge!  I hate clutter!  I hate having papers piled up on my desk so much that I clean it off EVERY DAY.  I  will not leave until my desk is cleaned off.  I did ONE TIME and when I came in the next morning, I was disgusted.  It really made a difference in my mood the entire day.  There's just something about seeing a clean desk when I walk in in the morning that puts me in a good mood!

So, the clutter-free challenge is perfect for me!  I didn't have a clutter-free classroom...but I have gotten a lot of things from DonorsChoose and I just stack it up until I can use it.

Here are 3 walls of my room (I didn't get one of the back wall):

Here are some "Before" pictures from my classroom: 

I don't know how my desk gets so messy every day!

The small closet drives me insane.  It's become a catchall for things, because I can just close the closet door.

This top shelf is way too high for me to reach, and I tend to just stick things up there.  Only the brown box is full of things.

I had not opened this cabinet until Christmas...then I shoved some books and reference books into it.


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