Friday, March 16, 2012

Parent-Teacher Conferences are FINISHED!

Finished up parent-teacher conferences this morning with a grand total of 2...out of 4.  I had 10 scheduled for yesterday evening.  Two canceled before school was out, and of the remaining 8, only 5 showed up.  It has been an easy two days of conferences for me!  But when you only have 15 kids to start with...

When I do my conferences, I start out with a self-evaluation sheet that each kid has filled out.  I change the sheet a little from the fall conference to the spring conference.  I basically ask each kid to describe their strengths and areas they need to improve on.  This time, I added in what they are proud of themselves for, what they have enjoyed most this year, and what they are looking forward to.

It's a great way to start off conferences and the areas that they think they need to improve on are usually exactly the problems I need to bring up with parents.  It makes those difficult conferences much easier.  And, if a student comes with, they can have a semi-student-led-conference, because they can tell their parents why they chose what they did. 

This was one of my difficult conferences, and it went really well.  Having the kids tell what they need to improve on makes it a lot easier for the parents to accept.  This one needed to work on accountable talk, playing around in class, and following directions.  It flowed perfectly into other behavior problems he's been having.

I really enjoy reading each of these self-evaluations.  It gives me a lot of insight into how the kids are feeling, too.  I LOVE that most of them wrote that Science and Social Studies were things they enjoyed most!  In the fall, I had most of them say that they hated Social Studies because of all the facts you have to learn.  That's not the way I teach Social Studies, and I'm glad to see them enjoying it more!  And, almost everyone is looking forward to middle school.  They had an Open House/Enrollment night this week, and it's all anyone could talk about. 


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