Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our "Eggs"periment

Instead of doing a science fair this year, each grade level has decided on something smaller.  5th grade decided to do a class experiment and have small groups present the information using Prezi, PowerPoint, or iMovie.

Since I am the 5th grade science department, I chose an easy experiment that clearly goes through all of the steps of the scientific method-- the effects of various liquids on eggshells.  I'm sure you've heard of the rubber egg experiment, but I am taking it a step further.  I had each class brainstorm a list of liquids that we could use in our experiments.  The morning class came up with vinegar, lemon juice, pickle juice, bathroom cleaner, cola, and citric acid water.  The afternoon group was surprisingly similar, but added powdered drink mix.

I have the science class divided into 5 groups.  Each small group chose a liquid to test.  We measured out the same amount of each liquid and put it into a clear jar.  Then we measured the length and girth of each egg and recorded that in our notebooks.  We then put the eggs into the jars and made any immediate observations (i.e. bubbles, fizz, floating...).  Our control will be an egg in plain water.  We will measure, weigh, and observe the eggs every day for a week.

We have done some research and found that eggshells and tooth enamel are similar.  So, our overall question is about the effects of these liquids on teeth.  It will be interesting to see the results!

Morning group's eggs.


  1. I love the idea of an eggsperiment! Did you really use bathroom cleaner? I bet my P wouldn't let us. I am sure your kids are into this experiment! Great job, I will be interested to see how it turned out! I am your newest follower.

    One Teacher's Take